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Empires of EVE: The History Lectures

Empires of EVE: The History Lectures is a podcast about telling the amazing true story of what has occurred inside of EVE Online since it went live in 2003. Inside this massive virtual universe of 8000 star systems a great drama has been playing out. Politicians and despots have clashed in climactic last stands. There have been wars for honor and revenge, and battles that pit thousands of players against each other with the very real fate of the star cluster in the balance. Each episode is a piece of the grand drama that will culminate in the largest and longest war to ever occur in a virtual place. Don't worry if you know nothing about EVE Online, this show will teach you all that you need to know in order to enjoy the story. All listeners are welcome. Written and Narrated by: Andrew Groen Produced by: Michael Hermes Empires of EVE on Amazon: Empires of EVE on Audible:

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The Great Northern War Part 2: Band Of Brothers

As tensions escalate in the north, an insurgency embarks on a campaign to gain credibility as an alternative to Phoenix Alliance-led governance in the northern regions. And on the far northern fron...

The Great Northern War Part 1: Forsaken Empire

In the wake of the Venal Civil War, pirate invasions beset the northern regions and spark leadership changes in Venal. The ascendant northern power - the Phoenix Alliance - seeks to take control of...

The Venal Civil War Part 2: This Treacherous Night

Following news of the impending invasion of Evolution, the Venal Alliance calls a meeting of the Council of the Free Captains to determine the alliance's response and the fate of Taggart Transdimen...

The Venal Civil War Part 1: Free Space

The first narrative episode of the show in which the three main forces of the North of EVE Online in 2003 become entangled in saga of interstellar intrigue that remains one of the oldest confirmed ...

Welcome To New Eden

An introduction to EVE Online that will allow any listener to get up to speed on what makes EVE Online a unique virtual world where political and military drama can unfold.

Episode 0

An introduction to the show, and a sneak peak at upcoming episodes.