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Abroad in Japan

Independent filmmaker Chris Broad brings you his multi-award winning YouTube channel Abroad In Japan in podcast form. Aided by broadcaster Pete Donaldson, they bring you a taste of life in the most unique country in the world, from great cuisine to capsule hotels, current events and tips on how to spend your time there.

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Abroad in Japan : Six things we'd change about Japan!

Mummified men, fax machines and outdoor drinking all get a once over in this week's episode - and Chris makes an obscene admission about his love for Pocari Sweat. Get in touch: abroadinjapanpodcas...

Abroad In Japan : Natsuki and the Japanese love hotel!

Natsuki and the Japanese love hotel! Chris and Pete (and Natsuki) get all cozy as they take a look at Japanese love hotel culture. Warning: involves creepy crawlies and credit card woe. We learn a ...

Abroad In Japan : Why is everything so small?

Chris and Pete are back and talking all things tiny...  Is it worth staying in a Japanese capsule hotel? Why is delicious soy sauce dripping from listener Emich's walls? All these questions and mor...

Abroad In Japan : Japanese Policemen and Beatboxing Teachers!

This week on the Abroad In Japan podcast Chris earns himself a speeding ticket and Pete finds himself explaining Tums to the Po. Chris beatboxes for some reason. Just listen, won't you?

Abroad In Japan : Food!

This week on the show Chris and Pete talk all things dinner. Why good sushi is hard to find, how one might lose weight over there and where is Natsuki the movie?

Abroad In Japan: Valentines Day!

In the inaugural Abroad In Japan podcast, Chris Broad and his less-than trusty sidekick Pete Donaldson do their best to answer some truly important questions.Questions like...'what's Valentines day...