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European Vacation

Finally feeling better, we talk about our trip to Europe

Edgeplay and Risk Aware Kink An Interview with Alice Little


A little news, unfortunately. Another sex cult, another top abusing their power. Then we talk about what you can do to keep yourself as safe as you can.


Strap in folks, we review the Lars von Trier movie "Nymphomaniac"


What's in a title anyway? This episode we cover a few current events and then get into the names we call each other by.

Talking About What You Want

A little sex cult chat and some advice on communicating with your partner about your kinky needs.

Your Side of the Slash

An oft requested one today, Evie and I chat about figuring out your role in kink

KinkFest 2018

We went to a little party. Come hear about it!

KinkFest Interviews - Shay and Stefanos

Internet is on Fire

Starts off strong with Charles confusing Plato and Socrates. We deliver the news this podcast will be going bi-weekly. Evie talks about how the internet is shifting in terms of your personal data.

Wanking License

Politicians are at it again, cracking down on sex on the internet under the guise of sex trafficking. We share are thoughts on this and the UK's DEA.


Trip report from Ropecraft.

Kinky Travel

Traveling to an event is one of the best ways of exploring kink. We give tips and tricks to doing that successfully and having a big ol' kinky time.

KinkFest Interviews: Spirituality Religion And BDSM An Interview With Lee Harrington

From KINKFEST: How do people incorporate their spiritual practices and kink? How can you bring religion into your play...

Relationship Tools

Did you know 93% of all kink relationship issues are actually vanilla ones in disguise? I made up that fact. But it's true.

Spank Therapy

We start the podcast with a little bit of advice for Piers Morgan and then talk theraputic spankings and spanking therapy.

Dirty Talk

|Content warning! Some gendered slurs will be used.| Talking dirty on the podcast. Mr. Tex and Evie go over negotiating for it and themes you can use.

Getting to No You

How can one word have some much power!? How can it be wielded responsibly, but most important, sexily. Find out, this episode.

How to Train Your Dom

We cover communication skills necessary for being your own self advocate.

More Rules

We get into the meat of creating rules for your power exchange dynamic

Rule Talk

We're back from vacation and it's left Charles a bit muddled. He says uh about a million times. But we talk about a movie we recently watched and start talking about rules in kink

New Year

New Year, new us! We talk about major accomplishments from 2017 and what we hope to change in 2018.

Religious Play

Get on your knees and thank your chosen selection of dieties, it's a Religious themed episode.


On this episode we talk about humiliation play, and practice a bit on each other (mostly Brittany).


A major announcement on changes to Kinkier World, and then we get into how to give kinkily

Job Security

All about job security and what it means to be kinky and hold down a vanilla job


Got 2 hot Anime recommendations for ya'll. Evie and Brittany share 2 shows they've been enjoying recently and why you should check them out.


A special Thanksgiving episode, we cover stuffing things into people.

$60,000 Worth of Dildos

There's been a bit of news lately, we cover Ron Jeremy's FSC award getting pulled, a great dildo caper, and Patreon's porn ban

3 Movies

We watched 3 movies, Lies, R100, and Interior. Leather Bar. We talk about them. Warning for mild spoilers. We find out Charles' preferred plural for Dominatrix. Links mentioned:


Cold and flu season has already claimed one victim! Christopher sits this one out, but Evie and Brittany (and sometimes Charles) discuss fashion in kink. Happily for Evie, we found a place online t...

Fear Play

On this spooky episode of Kinkier World we talk about fear play. Happy Halloween ya'll!

Dragons and Cars

We talk about 2 current topics, how shitty high school can be, dragons and the cars they love. Brittany bails early and then we bs about videogames.

Punish Your Dom

Hey kinky listeners, Mr. Tex couldn't make it this week, but Gerrit filled in as show dom. Brittany talks about her road trip and then we discuss punishing doms.

Pet Play

Kayla joins us as a guest to discuss a topic near and dear to the crew, pet play!

Sub Frenzy

Just FYI, we discuss politics in this. Joining us as guest this week is Leanne, ya'll remember her from the Sex...ism episode. After a minor diversion into politics we discuss sub frenzy and then b...


We talk about the International Burlesque competition we saw in New Orleans. Join us for a discussion about all things sex and show biz.

Growth in Kink

Joining us this week is special guest Kayla. We share our stories about how our experiences in kink have changed as we've grown.

Leather Community

Special guest Emily joins us to talk about the leather community and TNG

Sex Optional

This one is near and dear to us. We talk about how to keep in mind that often times BDSM != Sex. Negotiate yall!

An Attempt At Service

This week Frost joins as a special guest. We start off as a pretty good discussion on service, but it gets a bit derailed. Still we think it's a pretty good one, so enjoy yall.

House Parties

On this special episode it's all about hosting your own parties, with special guest Gerrit, host of many a fine party, as well as things to keep in mind when you attend your own house parties


We cover punishment. Or is that... funishment?


Uh oh, grab your goggles and hard hats. We answer a listener question on sub frenzy, talk about keeping others safe, and then get into a lively debate on interrupting scenes.

Real Life

What are rails anyway? Can someone ever really truly stay on them?

R. Kelly

It's a current event podcast. Sorry for those listening in the future :( Life must be really weird there


Talking about all things skeevy and sketchy. Behavior you do not want to see in other people involved in BDSM

Play Without Toys

Kink on a budget. You don't need toys. Sometimes all it takes is a hand and a tone of voice.


It's a short one this week, but it gives us a chance to talk all about collars. We kick this one off with a question from Maria.


We have a good talk about what makes an exhibitionist and our experiences with exhibitionism

Public Displays of Kink

What's appropriate behavior with kink in public? We try our best to answer that question

Relationships in Kink

Got that hot relationship advice on this one. How to talk to your partner about having an open relationship. Why it's OK to be monogamous and kinky. How to have good conversations about being monog...

F*** you, it's art

WARNING! This one gets political folks. It's a short one due to the holiday, and if you appreciate your sex and lifestyle podcasts to stay out of politics, might want to give this one a skip. Othe...


All about what you need to do to start off a scene right! Evie preaches, dropping truth bombs with no concern on casualties. Then we give a couple example negotiations.

Party Time

We talk about our territories we've staked out on the sex map and then talk about the type of parties we've been to and give advice on finding good ones

Everybody shut up about butts for a second

Charles and Christopher negotiate ass to ass Evie talks about more server experiences at a High protocol event Christopher explores necrophilia Brittany gives us a great quote to end the show

Online and Offline

The gang takes on the difference between kink that happens online and offline

Kink Your Life

Hey listeners, Brittany is using a bit of a different mic setup here, let us know in the comments if you notice a difference, and how you feel about it. We kick this one off with PORN! Charles dat...

Edge Play

All about Edge Play! Charles gets distracted by net guns, then tries to explain choking. Brittany relates an amazing story of a memorable knife play based experience. Evie worries about running out...


Leanne and Serafina join us as guests for this *very special podcast*. It's an honest and frank discussion about how sexism impacts people just tryin' to get their kink on. Whether it's female tops...

Kinkier World - Episode 10 - Privacy

On this very secret episode of the Kinkier world, we talk about something that's gone hand in hand with BDSM since there was a community, privacy.

My Kink is Not Your Kink

Welcome to the Privacy episode. Wait scratch that. We get into talking about Huffington Post's Queer voices scandal, and then it goes from there. We also talk about the Gor controversy. It's all wr...


Arooooo! It's primal time our kinkier world pack of listeners. Christopher returns to lend his perspective on this one. We tackle some of the challenges unique to primal, and how to help with size ...


Kinky friends, join us as we talk about how important consent is to all manner of things sexy. Brittany and Evie share a lovely moment about bananas! Catholicism gets a shout out for getting the ki...

Emerald City Comic Con

Hey Kinksters, we're still working on knocking out an amazing episode on something very important to us, the big C-word, consent. This week's episode is us chatting about the fun time we had at the...


The last episode on our BDSM tour. Brittany talks about her love of extreme sports. We discuss pick up play and take a question on Shibari. Evie is a cake person, Brittany is more pie! This and oth...


We're all sadists here! The gang first gives the hottest celebrity gossip, and video game penis sliders before diving into sadism. Christopher gives a great rundown on first time play. Charles enj...


Brittany, Charles, Christopher, and Evie talk about submission. But first they talk about a little little game that's finally made its way to the states Yakuza 0. Then beignets, A group trip to the...

Discipline and Dominance

Discipline and Dominance by Kinkier World Podcast


The very first episode! We talk about our experiences with bondage. Is gluing someone to a chair bondage? Are noses the nipples of the face? Music by Kevin Macleod